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Get your share of the trillions of dollars in annual retail product sales revenue.

No tech or sales skill required. No new skill to learn. Definitely no changes in your life needed. Just do what you usually do. No hassles. Just be you.

In 2020, top 5 Global Retailers made a cool 1.21 trillion US dollars in product sales revenue alone.

Walmart (United States): $551.77 billion (United States): $215.92 billion
Costco Wholesale (United States): $172.86 billion
Schwarz Group (Germany): $141.75 billion
The Kroger (United States): $131.88 billion

This subscription guarantees you get 5% of product sales revenue of nosystems from the website your signed up to.

When next a neighbour, a co-worker or a friend tells you they want to buy a product, give the friend your nosystems Partnership ID so that the friend can save 10% on the product. You will receive your nosystems Partnership ID in an email after completing your subscription order.

Now and always!

We want you to always share in our product sales revenue. Your nosystems Partnership ID will always be yours once assigned. The 10% savings will always be associated with your nosystems Partnership ID. You will always earn 5% of a product sale revenue whenever your nosystems Partnership ID is used even if a friend gave it to a friend of a friend. Now, do you get it?

A passive income for life.

Start your Canada subscription today to begin building a passive income for life that you can pass on.

ugh! Monthly subscription? I don't meet people often.

No problem. We operate a no hassle business. You can freeze your subscription at any time, as long as you need and as may times as you need. No judgement, no questions asked. Your earnings will keep piling up while your subscription is frozen.

Is this affiliate marketing?

No, this is very different from affiliate marketing.

How different from affiliate marketing?

With affiliate marketing, you get paid if you can be identified as the person that directed the customer to the website. Otherwise, tough luck! With nosystems Partnership program, however, you get paid regardless. No hassles.

How else is this different from affiliate marketing?

With affiliate marketing, you stop making money once you stop bringing customers to the website. With nosystems Partnership program, however, you get paid regardless. No hassles. You can even pass on your Partnership ID to your loved ones.

Product sales revenue?

For the purpose of this nosystems Partnership Program, product sales revenue is defined as the amount paid for product by the customer excluding any applicable taxes and explicit fees. Example of fees include shipping fee, handling fee, fuel surcharge fee, environmental fee, and so on.

More Information
Sitio web del país México
Su participación garantizada en los ingresos por ventas de productos 5%
Frecuencia de pago Mensual
Su descuento garantizado en productos para toda la tienda 5%
Vencimiento del descuento de su producto en toda la tienda Never
Descuento de producto en toda la tienda para clientes 10%
Vencimiento del descuento del producto en toda la tienda del cliente Never
Frecuencia de pago de la suscripción Anual
Qué está incluido nosystems Partnership Program Subscription.
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